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3 Lessons from The Great Chefs

If you ask a chef they will tell you that there is no life lesson that you can’t learn in the kitchen. It is a microcosmos with its own set of rules and its own social structure. So learning to navigate those wild waters can at times be tricky, but in comparison to the outside world it is a piece of cake. Just let’s not forget the most important aspect of kitchen dynamics – amazing food that we get to enjoy daily.

Here are some of the lessons you can take out of the kitchen and implement into your own life.

There is no such thing as organized chaos

There is organization and there is chaos, whoever tries to say that they can thrive in their organized chaos has not worked in a kitchen. First of all you need your tools of the trade, the right utensils, cooking pots and most importantly a great set of knives. When it comes to cookware, it is essential that you get the highest quality one, since it is something that needs to endure the test of time. For example Anolon – Endurance Cookware set will meet all you cooking needs,and you will be able to rely on a single unified set instead of mixing and matching whatever you get your hands on. This will lower the amount of items you need and help you free up the space allowing for better organization.

Secondly, food, you need order so that you can know exactly which ingredient is where at all times, not to mention the spices, getting something like that confused can cost a great chef their customers. And finally, station delegation, each person has their own work station with clear job description so that all aspects of all courses can go smoothly and get to the restaurant guests tasty and visually appealing.

As you can see this is a great lesson is organization, we can’t plan for a lot of things in life, but good organizational skills can help us maintain our composure and solve any issues that might come up.

Nothing is worth losing your head over

This should have been lesson number one. The emotions are always heightened in the kitchen, there is the ever present strive for perfection ever hindered by the time constraints. So it is easy for a person to lose their cool, which might end up in conflict, and highly stressful working conditions. A great chef knows how to keep calm under abnormal amounts of pressure. The key is focusing on what you are doing in the present and solving the issues as they come along.

This might be one of the most valuable lessons that has ever come from the kitchen. Don’t lose your head over every single issue that comes your way, stay calm, think of the best possible solution and slowly start resolving it. In the kitchen there is no time to dwell on the issue, it is all about keeping things going and getting that great food to the customers. We should do the same in our life, just keep going and don’t waste time crying over spilled milk.

It is all about the food

For them at least, their true passion is creating great food. Any great chef will tell you that there is nothing more fulfilling than mastering a new dish, and then adding your own personal twist to it. Whether it’s a Consommé or a Bearnaise sauce the moment you get it right will be the happiest in your life. And the grand lesson here is do what you are passionate about, when you get good at it, it will be a feeling like no other, and you will be truly satisfied. So know, no matter how much stress grand chefs are under they are indeed insanely happy to be able to do exactly what they love.

So there you have it, three precious life lessons that only a grand chef can teach you. Being able to transfer this knowledge from the kitchen to everyday life is what can make a huge positive difference in the way we perceive and go about our own life.