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4 Simple Tips to Make Home Entertaining Sophisticated

Do you feel like inviting some friends over– but want it to be more than just a casual catch up? Yes? Well, when the over-rated ‘party with loud music’ will no longer do for you, the following ‘must haves’ will add a bit of elegance to your home entertaining style:

  1. Work out your lucky number

How many people can you comfortably entertain? It’s important that you work out the correct number because if too many people come – you won’t get to connect with everyone who turns up. That, and you won’t have enough places for people to gather or stand.  If it’s too little – your soiree is at risk of feeling awkwardly quiet.

Think about the personalities of your friends as well, so when you work out how many are coming, you’ll invite a good mix of characters to attend. 

  1. Location, location, location

With the numbers locked in, next up is to sort out where everyone’s going to congregate in your home. For a more sophisticated gathering, you don’t want people wandering about – you want everyone to be able to easily engage with each other without navigating through an unfamiliar space.

So have a look around: do you have a good sized outdoor space to accommodate everyone if the weather’s nice? Or perhaps consider an internal area like your dining or living room. But keep in mind how well the space you plan to use is connected to other amenities: is it easy to get from the food and drinks, to the bathroom, to an outdoor respite area – and back again?

  1. The welcome drink

Many hotels and resorts welcome their guests with a complimentary drink to welcome them and show their appreciation. Now that you’ve levelled up, do the same for your guests by handing them a “welcome drink” once they arrive.

It can be as simple as a small glass of iced juice or tea topped with a fresh mint leaf or a glass of bubblies. For those more daring, you can greet your friends with a trendy cocktail – like an Espresso Martini – to ‘wow’ them! 

  1. Amuse(-bouche) them!

Try to remember the last party you went to. What made it memorable for you? It’s probably the food, right? The food is what really makes or breaks a party so put an extra effort on this decision.

Having a formal sit-down dinner does feel classy, but it can break up the good flow of conversation and relaxation your guests are having. So how about providing a range of canapes, tapas, or small appetizers like amuse-bouche, instead?

You can get pre-made ones and simply heat them up through the evening, then let your friends serve themselves – this is both cost efficient and takes the pressure off you! 

Don’t worry about what people think!

Even though you’ve raised the standard by refining your home entertaining style with these four simple tips, at the end of the day – it’s all about fun!

If things don’t quite work out, it’s fine! Just as long as you can all be yourselves during the whole event, and enjoy yourselves, then your social event will have been a success!