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5 Cooking Tips For Beginners

Getting started in cooking may seem overwhelming for some people who have never done it before. People tend to get ahead of themselves when they’re learning new things and expect to learn things in a fraction of the time that it realistically takes.

Rather than putting too much pressure on yourself, which can rob you of the joy of learning a new hobby, try to take it in small steps and start with the basics.  Here are some of the best tips to get you started on your journey as an aspiring new chef.

Use Quality Ingredients

No matter how good of a cook you are, you need quality ingredients to deliver the best possible taste.  Even the most famous chef in the world’s food won’t taste best with low-grade ingredients. When you go to a fine restaurant, you know that they’re using the best quality ingredients.

Try to buy organic as much as possible and meat which is local and grass fed.

Read Your Recipes Several Times

A lot of beginners make the mistake of reading their recipes too quickly.  As a result, they charge through the process often missing essential steps.  They could have caught these missed steps had they gone through several times and really take the time to familiarize themselves with the recipe.  

Some recipes have subtle but essential instructions which someone in a hurry can miss.  Unfortunately, since cooking is a science, missing just one step or ingredient can ruin the entire meal.  Slow down and read carefully.

Factor In Prep Time

When planning a meal, many new cooks forget to factor in how long it takes to prepare your ingredients.  Not only do you have to make time for washing vegetables, cutting, and doing dishes, but you have also have to consider preheating the oven and greasing pans.

If you don’t factor in these preparation activities, you can find yourself rushing at the last minute to make sure that everything gets done before your guests arrive. No one does their best work stressed out. Take your time to familiarize yourself with how long your prep will take to deliver the best possible meal.

Don’t Do Too Much At Once

When you become more advanced at cooking, you’ll be able to take on multiple tasks at once.  However, when you’re first learning, you won’t be able to do too much at once without neglecting one thing.

A lot of people want to rush ahead of themselves and imitate the famous chefs they see on television. However, these people have been cooking for years.  Give yourself the time to earn your stripes. Take on multiple tasks at once in the meantime.

Get a Good Knife

A good knife is essential for cutting and preparing your ingredients.  You should have one good knife which you can depend on to make sure your cuts are done with accuracy, and you can dice rapidly.