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A Truly Delectable Sweet Experience

Candy, sweets, confectionaries – whatever you call them, the bottom line always remains the same – yumminess ensured! Not all sweets are created equal however, and it must be said that there exists a hierarchy in this gooey, crunchy, sugar coated world. The Love heart sweets brings back the ultimate sensation of retro candy that so many of us grew up on.

It’s the modern age. Exponential advances are being made on all fronts of human progress including of course – the colourful art of designing and constructing candy. Seeing as people have been creating sugar based, bite sized pieces of heaven for hundreds of years now, it would serve us well to remember the most definitive candy types of recent times.

For this exploration, it would be more than appropriate to remember the most classic of sweet experiences.

Remembering the Classics

Remember the sour fizz of powdered sherbet? The dreamy twist would come in the shape of a hard boiled lolly, perfectly designed for dunking in the sparkling powder. Despite the old school feel of this age old treat, there is a quality to the taste experience that surpasses most of those of modern creations. The hard candy lolly that came with the sherbet was so tasty it could be enjoyed alone.

That’s not where the fun ended when it came to retro sweets. Sweets designed to be held in toys such as play-play lipsticks or alien ray guns were the absolute bomb! Those twisty toy sweets were perfect for the whole family; safe for children and not to mention completely adorable. It was a pleasure to play a game and yet enjoy a delicious treat at the same time!

The original block buster candies were arguably the most simple. Standard tubes of multi-coloured, multi-flavoured fizzy candies. Retro style comes to memory when thinking of the “I Love You” messages stamped into the candy coating.

It was enough to warm up not only the palate but the heart too. Then, for the sake of never running out of the good stuff – bulk packs of rectangular, square and round sugar surprises. Those typical hard-candy sucking sweets, also detailed with heart-meltin messages and varied in colours and flavours. These candies were perfect for sweet jars or shop counters.

The Modern World of Sweets

The variety of candy at our finger tips today is truly wonderful. Birthday parties, weddings and celebrations of all kind can be amplified so easily with thanks to the high quality and diversity of the sweet world. Even plain old snacking at home or the work place carries with it potential for mind blowing taste experiences every day.

Candy will always hold a special place in our hearts, but it is important to remember that sweets shouldn’t take the captain’s chair in our eating routines.

Fruits and vegetables are essential for a healthy body and mind and we must be sure to include varieties of foods in an organized daily eating routine. Some candy here and there never hurt anybody, though!