Cooking is my art form, my way of expressing myself, my means of communication, and my passion. While musicians craft beautiful melodies with subtle tones and loud gongs, and artists paint gorgeous pictures with an array of splendid colours, I fuse flavours and food to create delicious dishes.

My hands, pots, pans and my cooker are my tools, and the food I prepare is my clay. Depending on the foods you combine, the spices you add, and the way you choose to cook your food, or indeed prepare it cold, the dish you have created will differ in taste and texture and satisfy in an entirely unique way.

Is there a secret ingredient? Of course, there is! The secret ingredient is the essence of the chef, her/his passion and love for food – and just a tiny bit of know-how!

My Grandmother – The Best Chef in the World

Undoubtedly, I inherited my love of food from my grandmother, who, to this very day, is still the best chef I have ever met. I have met some greats, some Michelin Star chefs, and still, I maintain, none of them even come close when it comes to subtle cooking skills and a flair for food.

As a child, I spent hour after hour perched on a bench in my grandmother’s kitchen, just watching her cook. There was something so unique and special in the way she handled the food, chopped, stirred, fried, baked, and tossed. I remember being fascinated with the nimble work of her hands and fingers. Everything was effortless. There was a flow to her cooking I have never encountered anywhere else, not even in the most professional settings.

After watching my grandmother when I was too small to reach up to the countertop, she soon got me to help, and it wasn’t just the menial cooking jobs she charged me with. Right from the start, she showed me how to cook pretty complex dishes – I must have been only five years old. She never scolded me or told me I was too small to understand, or that a particular job was too dangerous. Instead, we stood side-by-side and cooked together. Soon, there was an unrivalled harmony in the way we worked together.

I have never worked as well with anyone since, and I often muse why we harmonised so very well. The hours I spent in my grandmother’s kitchen gifted me with a foundation for a career as a food professional. The love of food she instilled in me has carried me along the road and the thought of her has provided me with inspiration from the very beginning to this very day.

Food Blogging and Masterchef

When I started my food blogging career, I simply wanted to share my grandmother’s old recipes. Little did I know that my blog would open countless doors for me. I remember someone suggesting that I’d put myself forward for Masterchef. I drove straight to my grandmother’s house to ask for her advice, knowing well she would only encourage me. In the end, I did sign up, and I did win!

When I visited her after receiving the Masterchef trophy, we both just laughed and cried, knowing well, it had all started in my grandmother’s kitchen all those years ago.

This Website

On this website, I will publish lots of yummy recipes, traditional and new, and some I have created myself.

Food tastes better when shared and recipes can travel all across the globe. Food brings people together, and this website is also meant to be a gathering place for food lovers from all over the world.