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Add a Splash of Luxury to your Picnic – Gourmet Food Ideas for your Picnic

Picnics are a great way to bring people you care about together, creating an opportunity to bask in the sun and enjoy top quality food and company. Food tends to taste better outdoors, and what better way to spend summer than creating unforgettable memories with loved ones.

Sometimes simplicity goes a long way, but if you’re looking to create something extra special and incorporate unique items, there are various gourmet selections to satisfy your guest’s needs, bringing a sense of luxury to your big day out. These cater to vegetarians and meat lovers, and consist of dishes which are filling, refreshing and easy to transport, allowing you to enjoy a day of relaxation and fun.

There are multiple considerations when planning a picnic, and once you have decided upon your location, post-picnic entertainment, who to invite and other aspects of your experience, the all-important decision looms: what food items should be included in your picnic basket?

It is vital to incorporate foods which cater to the tastes of the attendees of your picnic, and though luxury food items may appear pretentious, they don’t have to be, and if you consider everyone’s individual tastes, it is possible to bring a touch of elegance with luxury choices. Below are some fantastic ideas to inspire you to create a fancy picnic menu, from tofu to three-pea chicken salad.

Asparagus Frittata

One of the best things about frittatas is that they can be enjoyed at room temperature, meaning you can prepare them and pack without being concerned about preservation. This is a healthy choice and a fantastic option to pack in your picnic, and if you fancy making your own there is a myriad of information online to assist you. Otherwise, you can discover where to purchase premade versions and proceed.

Palma Ham with Figs

When figs are in season you can take advantage by creating this sweet and savory picnic treat, which makes for fantastic finger food at your picnic. The best way to keep things fresh is to pack the foods separately, and assemble the items before serving. Slicing the figs beforehand ensures you are prepared, but when put together and presented together, this touch of luxury will bring class to any occasion.

Smoked Tofu and Wild Mushroom Terrine

A great option for all food lovers, this functions as a fantastic spread, and is the perfect complement with a thick slice of fresh bread. This can be washed down with a glass of wine, and is a great way to introduce a simple, yet luxury item to your picnic for all guests to try, and more than likely be pleasantly surprised by the complex flavors.

Three-Pea Chicken Salad

This is another healthy option to tantalize the taste buds of your picnic goers, and can be prepared by simply poaching chicken breasts and presenting them on top of rye bread with refreshing salad leaves. The salad can be prepared beforehand, but for freshness carrying the items separately and preparing the option on the day is preferred, bringing a rustic and tactile feel to proceedings.

Strawberry-Rhubarb Salad with Mint and Hazelnuts

After you’ve indulged in the savory options available at your picnic, it is nice to cleanse your palate with a fruit salad, especially if you fancy something sweet yet healthy and refreshing. Strawberry mixed with rhubarb is a potent combination, perfectly complementing each other, and the addition of mint and hazelnuts brings further freshness and crunch.

Mediterranean Potato Salad

This salad takes just a few minutes to prepare, and incorporates olives and feta cheese dressed in a fragrant tomato oil vinaigrette.


This classic Italian dessert is mess free, and is a delicious treat to be enjoyed by all. Carrying the desert in individual jars is recommended to retain freshness and structure, before unleashing this treat at your picnic.

Italian Crostini

Here it is essential to pack the elements separately, including sautéed kale, mascarpone, and artichokes, making for a killer combo that can be served on bread as a luxury snack.

Hopefully you have enjoyed these fantastic luxury items, which are eye-catching, a cut above your standard picnic choices, and mostly suitable for vegetarians with high nutritious value.

Ideas have been introduced for inspiration, but what ideas have been left out? Be sure to comment below to kickstart the discussion.