Thanks to the success of this food blog, I have been in a position to offer food businesses valuable advertising space at excellent rates. I now have 19’000 unique monthly website visitors and the number is growing steadily with every one of my media appearances.

I have worked hard to build up a good relationship with my readers and I am proud to say they trust my judgment and follow my advice.

Businesses advertising on my site have direct access to nearly 20’000 food lovers seeking tips, advice, products, and services.

Here are some of the sectors my advertisers represent:

  • Food Suppliers
  • Food Book Publishers
  • Cookery Teachers
  • Culinary Arts Colleges
  • Lifestyle Magazines
  • Kitchen Appliance Suppliers
  • Restaurants
  • Media Outlets

To maintain the quality of my blog, I only make advertising space available to businesses providing products and services relevant to the content I publish. I do not publish random ads that bear no relation to my work.

Target Group

Potential advertisers always want to know the demographics of my readers. Consequently, I spent quite some time analysing my readership and studying website data. My readers share a love of food and cooking and most of them visit my site to find recipes or get cooking tips. Many of them continue by planning to cook a particular dish. Quite a few go on to order ingredients or equipment straight after reading and choosing a particular recipe.

Advertising Rates and Return on Investment

I have deliberately kept my rates competitive in order to maximise my advertisers’ return on investment. Effective advertising space can be hard to come by, especially inexpensive, profit-generating advertising space.

From the beginning, my aim has been to get advertisers on board and build a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship. My most popular advertising options are rather long campaigns, however, as my readers familiarise themselves with my advertisers, the number of website hits on my advertisers’ website actually grows. Long-term advertising on my site has worked best.

Visually Stunning, Well-Place Ads

The ads I publish complement the content of my site. They are usually stunning images displaying scrumptious food. The location of your ad depends on the type of business you run and the content I publish at any given time. Both are matched up together to optimise my content as well as the effectiveness of your ad.

Target Driven

Though I have my feet firmly rooted in food and cooking, I have learned a lot about reaching sales targets. I don’t like wasting people’s time and money. Consequently, your targets are my objective and your entire campaign is structured to reach your targets. If your business grows, my business grows. It’s got to be a mutually beneficial relationship to work in the long run.

The Spotlight Is on Your Business

I shine as much light as I possibly can on your business. Frequently, I will mention my advertisers’ products or services on my blog to further the reach and effect of your ad. In any case, we design and place ads for maximum effect.

Easy Process

Once you tell us all about your business, we send you an information package, outlining the various options and ask you to define the goals of your advertising campaign. We then tailor your chosen package to your needs and get down to creating a stunning ad and choosing the best possible location. You don’t have to contribute or collaborate, just leave it all to us. The time frame from first contact to ad publication is quite tight, because we like to work quickly and effectively.

Just Get in Touch

We look forward to building a strong, mutually profitable relationship.

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