Best Pie Crust Recipe – How to Make Your Pie Truly Perfect

The best pie crust recipe is the one that you love to eat too! Who else do you know who has tried this concoction that seems to have the perfect consistency? There are some people who will even tell you that it makes their entire meal taste better. Thank goodness there is good old pie crust still around in a society where everyone seems to have pie in the oven!

One of the reasons that this crust has been loved for so long is due to the fact that it can be adapted to many different types of tastes. The best pie crusts seem to come in all different types of shapes and sizes. The traditional pie crusts that are made of fat and flour usually do not taste all that great, but they are still quite popular among certain groups of people. Due to shortening and other processes that are done to doughs, the texture can be quite different from normal and some people prefer a crunchier taste over others.

A shortening process commonly used in the making of the best pie crust recipe involves shortening a liquid ingredient, such as vegetable oil, with a starch, such as flour. The end result is a dough that is very soft and flexible. In fact, this type of dough is so versatile that you can make pies from this type of dough in just about any shape you desire. The vegetable oil is used to help add flavor to the dough and also to keep it from sticking to the baking pan or the sides of the pan. By using a little bit of vegetable oil and a tablespoon or two of flour, you can create a very easy pie crust recipe that tastes delicious and is also healthy.

Using a fork or a shortening tool, you can shape the dough into a thick, sturdy handle. If you find that the dough is too difficult to handle at first, you might want to consider a pastry fork. This is especially true if you plan on making several pies at once. However, using the shortening tool will give you the ability to create thin crisp crusted pies that are great for breakfast.

When you are ready to start your pie crust recipe, you should first take a moment to make sure that your dough is completely dry. After this is done, you should place your ingredients and start to form chunks. It is important that you take your time and really work on creating a texture that you like. You will have to use ice water to help make sure that your chunks are not sticking together. Once you have the right texture ready, you will need to start rolling the dough. Since you will be using the ice water to make sure that your mixture is properly rolled, you should make sure that your hands are clean before you begin.

Once the rolling is complete, you will want to put the cold dough on the crimp. After the rolling is complete, you will then take your pastry bag and spray it with non-stick cooking spray. Next, you will want to place your pie plate in the freezer. This will ensure that your crust does not become too hard when you are ready to cook it. Before you pop into the oven, you should spray the plate with the cooking spray again.