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Commercial Kitchen Equipment You Need Right Now!

When buying equipment for our home kitchen, we often look for the best deal in a given budget. This also means that we have to compromise with performance, quality, or even usability to some extent.

However, when buying commercial kitchen equipment, you cannot take the risk. You need high-quality equipment that can perform really well under stressful working conditions. Opting for low-quality fiberglass doors could be perceived as unwise penny-pinching. This equipment is designed for heavy duty work. Considering the price that you may end up paying for them, the quality and durability of the products are of importance to you.

Are you setting up a commercial kitchen too? If yes then three most important equipment that you must buy.

Are you ready? Let’s get started.

Ice makers

Will you ever want to be short of ice in the restaurant? If not, opt for a quality ice maker. This handy equipment always makes sure that your customers get their cool and frosty drinks, just at the right temperature. Ice makers are available in a variety of designs. Under counter ice machines are often perfect for a small restaurant. However, if customer demand is higher, you may opt for bin machines or hybrid ice makers along with the undercounted variety. You can choose a machine depending on the type of ice it makes- like flakes, nuggets, full-dice, and half-dice.

Nugget ice makers

If you are serving cold beverages, then nugget ice makers are essential for you. You don’t want your customers to get hard ice cubes in their drink. Instead, opt for this all-time favorite soft chewable ice. The nugget ice is becoming popular among many restaurant owners and customers because it doesn’t interfere with the texture of the drink itself. It cools the drink more quickly and even looks much better than chunkier ice cubes.

These nuggets are softer than traditional ice cubes and look beautiful in a cup of soft drinks as well. If you are serving slurries, then you should not waste a second and get a nugget ice maker as soon as possible.

Dual temperature display cases

When you are looking for commercial restaurant equipment, dual temperature display cases are a must have. Display cases make or break the image of your restaurant. If you have a bakery, then such display cases are an absolute essential for you. Dual temperature display cases help cupcakes and other baked goods stay fresh. If you keep sandwiches and pizzas too, they will be perfect for maintaining lower temperatures so that food remains fresh and consumable for longer.

The best thing about such display cases is that they are very visually appealing. The better the display case you buy, the more the chances of you attracting a wonderful clientele. A commercial kitchen, however, should always remain clean and hygienic. Customers also prefer to patronize places where hygiene and sanitation are of a high standard. Safety is emphasized through regular hand washing, as well as knowing what cleaning products to use for surfaces, floors, and equipment. A keyword search ( for example, “Sacramento Hood Cleaning Services“) might lead to professionals that could provide deep cleaning for commercial kitchens.

These were the essential equipment that you must buy for your commercial kitchen. Be very careful about the make and model of equipment you are buying. Do not compromise with quality for price. Instead, find the best equipment only. You don’t want to disappoint your customers because your ice maker stopped working.