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Do’s and Dont’s on Buying Bulk Natural Foods

Buying food in bulk is usually the best option for helping both the earth and our wallet. Bulk options use less packaging, are more cost effective and generally have a lower carbon footprint for overall distribution. This can also add up to significant health benefits when the food bought in bulk is fully natural. However, one can’t buy bulk organic food in the same way one would standard packaged meals. There’s a few best and worst practices to keep in mind when buying organic food in bulk.

Do freeze anything you can

One will always need to worry about food going bad. However, preservatives make this less of a concern for heavily processed food. Many people buying organic for the first time are shocked by how quickly it can go bad. It’s even more of a concern when one is buying bulk natural foods.

One can get around the problem fairly easily by using your freezer. Of course not everything will do well in a freezer. But people are often shocked by just how many foods can be safely and effectively frozen and thawed. When buying bulk natural foods, pay special attention to vegetables and berries. These two items in particular do extremely well in a freezer. And one can often save even more money by buying them in bulk already frozen.

Don’t go with an impulsive purchase

Likewise, be sure that you don’t buy large amounts of food that can’t be frozen and which you have no immediate plans to eat. It’s always tempting to buy in bulk when something is on sale. But if it can’t be frozen than it’s almost certain to go bad before you’re able to eat very much of it.

Do buy honey in bulk

Everyone likes some sweets every now and then. But most people eating natural and organic food are trying to stay as healthy as possible. These drives might seem at odds at first. But there are ways to give into a sweet tooth while staying healthy. Honey is one of the best options for a healthier way to add sweetness to meals. And it’s also one of the wholesale organic foods with an impressive shelf life. One can safely store honey for two years or more. The fact that it holds up so well also makes it one of the better options for bulk health foods online.

Don’t underestimate your ability to learn

People are often surprised by just how easy meal prep can be. We tend to see unfamiliar practices like food dehydration as overly complex. But a simple food dehydrator can turn fruit into a tasty and easily stored snack with hardly any work at all. And that’s only the beginning of what one can learn with a little effort. There’s a number of different ways to prepare and store organic food that would be costly if someone else did them for you. But mastering it for oneself can be quite cost effective. In fact, when one purchases bulk health foods online it’s worth checking the sites for kitchen accessories. There’s a fair chance that online vendors selling organic food will also sell items to work with it.

Do buy beans and rice

When looking for wholesale organic foods you should have two main staples. Beans and rice are among the most nutritious, lightest and durable foods to buy in bulk. Some forms of brown rice are an exception. But for the most part beans and rice can be kept in storage indefinitely. Even better, they have a protein profile which works quite well in conjunction with each other. This means that you’ll always have a stable form of protein on hand. Not to mention that beans and rice are incredibly versatile ingredients that can make any number of different dishes.

Always continue to try new things

One should never stop trying new things in the kitchen. These tips can form the foundation for a healthier lifestyle. But there are always new things to learn. When buying natural foods in bulk you should always keep an eye open for new possibilities. It’s an incredibly popular topic these days. And as more people become interested in organic food the amount of options will grow.