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Food for Thought: How To Make the Best Birthday Party Foods

Planning a birthday party is hard work. From the birthday cake to the decorations, there is so much that goes into planning the perfect party, whether it be for a 6 year old or 60 year old. One of the most stressful aspects of planning a party, however, is coming up with delicious and creative birthday party foods. Fortunately, party planning is not a new science, and over the years, people of the Internet have shared great party food ideas for others to copy and build off of. In fact, nowadays it seems most people buy party food online instead of making it themselves. You can even buy wholesale party snacks over the internet. That being said, some people still enjoy preparing for a party themselves but might need a few ideas to get them started. While it is always best to put your unique spin on things, here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Chocolate Covered Pretzel Sticks

These are an easy go-to for busy moms who want to offer partygoers a delicious snack without having to put in a ton of time or effort. Making these party favorites involves dipping pretzel sticks into white or dark chocolate, coating them in sprinkles and then setting them aside to cool. Wrap them in cellophane and tie them with a ribbon to give them that extra pizazz your party needs.

  • Mini Pizzas

Everyone enjoys a good bite-sized pizza, and with so many different ways to make this finger food, you really cannot go wrong. Whether you use pretzel buns or Bisquick, mini bagels or Hawaiian sweet rolls, all this recipe calls for is a doughy base, pizza sauce, cheese and, if you so desire, a deli meat. Cook for 30 minutes in the oven and you have an instant hit.

  • Skewers

Skewers are always a healthy and delicious party snack choice, and best of all, they are easy to make. If you’re an on-the-go mom who wants to throw an unforgettable birthday bash with as unforgettable foods, grab some skewer sticks and whatever fruit or vegetables you have lying around the house and start building. For a younger crowd, opt for fruit skewers of kiwi, strawberry and grapes. For older party guest, use grape tomatoes, feta cheese and drizzle some balsamic vinegar on top. Or you can get creative and come up with your own tasty combination.

  • Birthday Cake

No party is complete without the cake. If you want to serve a one-of-a-kind cake but simply do not have the time to shop for all the ingredients and tools you need to bake one, the Cakest offers DIY cake kits that consist of only the finest ingredients. With step-by-step instructions, making your own gourmet cake has never been easier!

  • Sliders

Sliders are another party favorite that are easily customizable and enjoyed by party guests of all ages. From ham and cheese sliders to cheese burger minis with caramelized onions and roasted tomatoes, this is another one of those birthday party foods that can be as simple or as gourmet as you would like them to be.

Throwing a birthday party does not have to be so difficult. When planning the party foods-including everything from the birthday cake to the finger foods to the main dish-just keep the above ideas in mind, then put your own unique spin on them to truly wow your party guests.