Foraging For Local Food – A Fun and Rewarding Activity For Kids and Adults alike

Foraging for local food is more than an enjoyable pastime. Foraging for local food is a way to contribute to the food supply in your community and improve the health of those who depend on it. Local food is becoming a major environmental and economic concern in recent years due to the harmful impact of modern agricultural practices on the local water supply, soil quality, and wild biodiversity. In addition to helping to improve your diet, eating locally produced food is good for your heart, the environment, and your body.

Foraging for local food starts with a great place to gather-your garden. Begin by choosing a spot in your yard or in a central space that you can find easy access to. Foragers should consider plants and seeds that are likely to be within easy reach in order to get a variety of choices. Choose plants that are low maintenance; some types of wild plants can be very delicate and require little attention.

To make your patch of earth even more interesting, consider planting edible flowers around the perimeter to add color and interest to your gardening area. Among the most popular edible flowers for foragers are lavender, wildflowers, daffodils, daisies, blue hydrangeas, sunflowers, and Mexican tulips. Try spruce tips that spruce up your garden by using wildflowers in containers, hanging baskets, or plant stands.

Foraging for local food doesn’t have to be limited to planting in your garden. Forage at your nearest grocery store, discount superstore, or farmers’ market to get great fresh produce and meat. Some stores offer food that is grown locally and does not have to travel far to get to us. At a farmers’ market, shoppers can buy healthy products without driving too far. Buy organic if you are concerned about chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The produce will be fresher than even the day before they left the farm.

There are many other great reasons to start foraging for local food. Farmers markets and swap meets are a great place to find interesting and exotic plants and flowers. You might also meet other gardeners who are interested in foraging for local food as well.

The best way to start foraging for local food is to plan and start now. If you want to do it right, forage in places that are not for a long time. Start today and discover for yourself the joy of doing foraging for local food. Get gardening and learn how you can forage for local food right from your own kitchen garden.