Healthy Eating

Four Tips For Eating Fresher And Healthier

There are many reasons you should be eating healthier. You can even eat healthier when you’re on the go, it’s just a matter of knowing what’s healthy and how to get it into your life (and your diet). For some people, it is difficult to know what is healthy and what isn’t, and even the consensus seems to change on such things (Is milk good for you? Are eggs good for you?).

Take some time to look over the dietary recommendations from the USDA to help determine what constitutes a healthy diet. You might even want to look into diets that are well backed as being healthy, like the Mediterranean diet. And then, use these tips.

Take Your Veggies On The Road

Healthy eating is really easy to do if you like vegetables. You can eat them cooked or raw. Some of them taste great all on their own, while some of them might be more tasty with a dip or something. And there are even healthy dip options as well (like hummus).

Vegetables don’t have to be continually refrigerated, so they are great to take on the road with you for a snack. If you are going to dip them in Greek yogurt or something you’ll want to keep that on ice though.

Skip The Pasta

Pasta is not a health food, so why not cut it out of your diet. There are some great things that you can replace pasta with that will help you lose weight and get more vitamins and nutrients in your diet. Those include quinoa, amaranth, and even sorghum (which works well to make a great gluten-free beer).

Some of these ancients grains are even good as toppings on a salad. They can be eaten cold or heated up, so they make great foods to transport for work lunches.

Shop The Outskirts

The healthier foods in the store are going to be found around the outer edges. Those are the raw foods that aren’t over processed (or many of them are anyway). This is where you will find the fruits, vegetables, whole chickens, eggs, and fresh fish.

When you shop for meats, especially, it’s smart to skip the frozen stuff and go for fresh. Buy a whole chicken or go to a butcher to get your meat instead of the grocery store.

Snack On Fruits For Sweets

If you have a sweet tooth you need to start being smarter about what you curb that craving with. While a little dark chocolate here and there can be good for you, the Twinkies and other junk food are not.

Instead of sweets that come in boxes, eat fresh fruits. Berries, melons, and even bananas are a great way for you to curb your sweet tooth and avoid those teeth rotting, unhealthy refined sugars.