Healthy Eating

Healthy Fast Food: Oxymoron or Anomaly?

Today’s modern societies tend to focus around convenience and speed.  If you can get something done faster and more effectively, then that is the way it should be done.  This mentality often extends to the way we eat.

The good news is that the world is beginning to offer more and more fast ways to eat a nutritious meal, without compromising your health or your tastebuds.  Here are a few easy ways to get the nutritional components your body needs on a speedy schedule.


The gas station does have some good food

Though gas stations and convenience stores are known for their terrible food choices, things are beginning to change.  It’s not unusual to find fresh fruits like apples and bananas in today’s gas stations.

You can also find healthy snacks like mixed nuts and pistachios in the isles.  If you’re lucky, you can find a convenience store with its own deli, offering hot, fresh, healthy foods all day long.  


Order healthy food delivered to your door

The delivery food revolution has begun, and Uber is knocking on your door.  Among many other mobile varieties of food delivery, Uber has recently launched Ubereats.  Ubereats will bring you just about anything you want with lightning fast speed.  

Convenience eaters also have the option of ordering uncooked healthy meal regimens delivered daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Of course all of these tasty services have a spicy price to go along with the benefit of convenience.


Pack healthy snacks in advance

If you don’t have time to pack healthy foods during the hustle and bustle of the work and school week, you can plan ahead.  Pack healthy combinations of fresh fruits and veggies for snacking throughout the week, so it’s simple to grab a bowl from the refrigerator and go.  

Train your family’s taste buds to enjoy the flavor of natural sugars.  The addiction to processed foods and bleached sugars has become a sort of unhealthy epidemic, and you should work to curve that trends with the younger generation.  


Frozen meals aren’t always bad for you

Today’s frozen food sections in the grocery stores aren’t what they used to be.  There are more truly healthy choices for frozen meals now than ever before. The trick is to really pay attention to the nutrition facts on the back or side of the box before you dig into the spread.  

Here is a quick reference for some of the more acceptable, healthy frozen foods on the market today.  


Amy’s Kitchen – Amy’s Kitchen offers a variety of savory food bowls which are organic, free from GMOs, and free of gluten.  Try the Light and Lean Black Bean Cheese Enchilada for a suitable sample of flavor and nutrition in every bite.


Healthy Choice – Try the Golden Roasted Turkey Breast meal by Healthy Choice, and get a taste of mama’s home cookin’.  


Kashi Meals – Kashi offers a Mayan Harvest Bake that will set your palette aflame with excitement.