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How to Organise a Killer Corporate Dining Experience

If you’re tasked with organising a corporate dining experience, you definitely have your work cut out for you, but there are only a few considerations to take into account if you want to get it right. Whether that be making sure you look at the option of booking out, arguably, Raleigh’s Most Beautiful Banquet Hall or the nicest restaurant in your local city, you will probably want to make sure that it is perfect. Basically, it’ll have to make for an event which is something between dining at a restaurant and sitting-in on a company board meeting.

The Layout

Spacious is the name of the game by way of the layout, so don’t pack everybody into a tiny venue that will have them clashing elbows or anything like that. Otherwise, it really doesn’t matter – you can distribute groups which are assigned to round tables, or in fact, you could ideally have one of those long, medieval dining-room type tables assembled so that everybody feels like they’re part of the same ‘party.’

The layout should encourage conversations between attendees who are nearby but should leave enough room for those who wish to roam around so as to get to other attendees they might want to whisper a quick word to.

The Decor

Keep things classy, but avoid anything which comes across as even the slightest bit tacky. Don’t force it by way of company branding colours, but if your corporate colours do indeed boast those which are associated with the class (black, silver, gold, etc) then it’ll fit perfectly by default.

The Food

This is where you have to kill it if you’re not going to ‘bring it all’ in any or all of the other elements which come together to make up a killer corporate dining do. If there is one thing everybody should come away suitably satisfied with, it’s both the quality of the food in terms of taste, preparation, etc, and the variety. Strict vegetarians shouldn’t feel like they were unwanted all the time for example, and meat lovers who love their meat prepared in different ways shouldn’t have to make-do either.

Make it an experience, perhaps one which plays out over the traditional, full four courses.

The Main Event

There has to be some or other ‘main event’ which will have everybody’s attention focussed on one point, but it doesn’t have to be too serious or formal. A short speech will do or anything else along those lines. Otherwise, the dining experience is itself the main event. It just needs something to make it official.

The Parting Gifts

While you definitely don’t want to overspend and have the various elements of organising a killer corporate dinner breaking the bank, there is always an air of expectation by way of some or other parting gift. Don’t let your guests go home empty-handed either way as there are indeed some cool corporate gifts which won’t have you breaking the bank.

The contents of something like a Deluxe Festive Gift Tower can be shared out to each of the guests seated on one table, for example. Resist the urge to hand out company-branded stationery or some other corny ‘gifts’ like that which are really just marketing materials masquerading as gifts.