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Kitchen Safety Tips For Babies

Babies do rarely stay put and will often crawl around the house. More often than not, it is difficult to keep up with their energy, especially if you have other matters to attend to. Babies are usually drawn to where the action is. The kitchen, being one of the busiest rooms in the house, is bound to spark their curiosity. Instead of strapping your baby to a chair until you’re free to give them undivided attention, try to take safety measures so they can free roam around without getting hurt. Here’s how you can make your kitchen safe for your baby;

Think like a baby

When taking safety precautions, look at everything from a baby’s point of view. This will help you see things that you may overlook as an adult. The knives may have been put away and the plugs are covered, but what else could pose danger to you if you were a baby? Look at the counters that they can be able to reach and clear them off anything. Chopping boards can cause just as much pain as anything else.

Clean the kitchen often

Babies will always pick up things and put in their mouths. Apart from the risk of choking, they can also pick up germs and fall ill. While not totally safe, it helps to sweep and mop the kitchen as often as you can. It takes away most of the germs and your baby has a clean environment to crawl around in.

Find someone or something to keep them busy

No matter what safety measure you take, cooking is always hectic with the baby crawling around the kitchen. You always have to worry if they’ll find a new way of harming themselves, maybe you overlooked something. Try to get other members of the family to play with them before you start your cooking, or do it when they are sleeping and only wake them up when the food is ready. Knifeista suggests getting them their favorite toy as a distraction when you know kitchen duty is about to start.

Keep everything under lock

After keeping away the dangerous utensils, always ensure the drawers and cabinets are under lock. This is important especially for lower storage units that the baby can reach. If you are bound to forget to lock up every time, you can use the bottom units for utensils that are safe to play with– such as plastics. Always make sure they are clean though.

Block access to the kitchen

If all the other safety measures seem to be too much work for you, simply make the kitchen a no-go zone. There are ways of blocking off the kitchen. You can make sure the door to the kitchen is locked at all times. You can also install safety gates if you don’t want to be drilling holes on the wall for a door. Denying them access to the kitchen will help you concentrate on your cooking without worrying whether they are doing something dangerous behind your back.