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Real Estate Agents Say These Kitchen Trends Will be Hot in 2022

There are countless ways to improve your home, but kitchen renovations continue to be the number one renovation folks take on – especially when they want to add value to their property. Not only do kitchen renovations add value, but they can turn an ordinary home into something truly exquisite when it’s done right.

Top rated real estate agents predict that the following kitchen trends will be in high demand in 2022, so plan your renovations accordingly!

1. Dark colors for cabinets

It felt like for the past decade, white kitchen cabinets were everywhere. While white will always be in fashion, homeowners are eager to step outside of the pristine white decor and embrace color. No, we should say bold color! Today homeowners can be seen wasting no time in hiring Cabinet Refinishing Services in North San Diego (or elsewhere) and getting their kitchen cabinets painted in dark colors like navy, matte black and olive green.

With that said, even though dark colors are popular among homeowners, homebuyers prefer a light color palette. So if you plan on selling your property, you may want to keep that tidbit in mind.

2. Natural wood tones

If you’re not keen on painting cabinets and would much rather prefer the luxurious feel that natural wood cabinets bring, then you’re in luck! Natural wood tones like white oak, light maple, hickory and adler are ideal for homeowners that would rather keep things simple and… natural. 

3. Add ambiance with table lights

When you think of kitchen lighting, you probably imagine recessed lighting and pendant lights. These are still viable options that work amazing in the kitchen, but homeowners are also including table lamps in their kitchen design plans. Lamps are great options because they can provide ambient lighting when they’re placed on a kitchen counter or the island. 

4. Quartz countertops

If you’ve watched home improvement shows, you hear a lot about marble and granite countertops. Those are still great options, but homeowners are opting for quartz countertops instead. Quartz can provide you with the same incredible designs and colors as granite, but since it’s an engineered alternative, it is a sustainable option. Depending on who you ask, quartz could be a superior option because it is nonporous (it won’t stain like marble) and if you want a modern kitchen with a streamlined look, quartz can be made so that the color is even throughout.

5. Paneled appliances 

Stainless steel has been the top choice across the board for a number of years, but nowadays homeowners are drawn to the seamless look of panelled appliances. The beauty of paneled appliances is that the facade of the unit matches the cabinetry so it blends right in. The good thing about paneled appliances is that many popular appliance brands can match existing cabinetry. 

6. Unique central islands

Islands are a common place in newer kitchens, but homeowners are taking the island and kicking it up a notch, if you will. The central island is making a name for itself and there are a lot of cool designs to choose from. For example, you could build a two-tiered island, a waterfall island, or use different materials to make a statement. 

7. Storage space a plenty

Storage space has always been a point of concern for homeowners, so it’s no surprise that when homeowners renovate their kitchens, they make a point to build more storage space. This storage could mean additional cabinet space, but some homeowners will go so far as to build a complete walk-in butler’s pantry. 

Make a big statement with these kitchen trends

After spending more than a year and half at home, homeowners are reimagining their kitchens in ways that go above and beyond the norm. Folks are taking their wildest dreams of what their perfect kitchen would look like and are running with it. There are a million and one ways you could reimagine your home, but if you’re going to sell soon and want to make sure you recoup most (if not all) of the costs, consult your realtor. They’ll be able to tell you what buyers in your area really want and you can go from there!