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Steak and Ale Pie – Old Recipes Gets a New Twist

A steak and ale pie is an old fashioned meat pie often served in Britain. It consists of stewing beef gravy, inside a baked pastry crust. Sometimes also combined with vegetables, the pie is traditionally served with “steak chips.”

There are a few different versions of this recipe from various countries, but one of the most famous is “pudding pie,” which was a favorite in both northern and southern England. This pie has a sweet, flaky pie base, usually made with meat or fish. The flaky pie base is finished by a layer of suet, then a layer of pudding meat, then a layer of fruit. The top is then covered with a thick layer of suet to keep the meat from melting. The result is a very rich pie, often eaten alone.

In the United States, “steak and ale pie” is very similar. In fact it is a much less common name for the English version. The meat is usually pork, but sometimes it is chicken, depending on where the pie is. It may have bits of bacon as well. Usually the beer is added about an hour before cooking, but this adds an additional flavor to the pie. Typically the beer is mixed within the pie batter rather than mixed into the meat mixture itself.

This pie is very popular at outdoor gatherings, as its classic style is perfect for those hot summer days. If you want to serve this pie, the traditional accompaniment is lemonade or orange juice. You can add ingredients to make steak and ale pies more interesting, such as mint or Rosemary. For a sweet treat, apple sauce may be added to accompany the pie. You can also try brown sugar for a darker pie.

There are different ways to make this pie, depending on who you ask. In Pennsylvania Dutch, the meat is seasoned with flour, salt and yeast. It is baked in a casserole dish with ale. The Pennsylvania Dutch version has a variety of toppings, ranging from cheese to fruit to nuts. In Scotland, the steak and ale pie is called pint of Beer. This recipe originates from the Middle Ages in Scotland.

In today’s world, a steak and ale pie can be found just about anywhere. It can be found at backyard barbecue events, cookery parties, and even some modern fine restaurants. Although the original recipe may not be quite the same, it will most likely be the same basic ingredients that have been adapted through time. You should try this pie at least once, to see if it is the same old taste that you have come to love.