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Tips For Eating Breakfast For Dinner

Why did breakfast foods ever become considered breakfast foods? That’s a little research that you can do on your own if you really want to know. With the popularity of burgers topped with fried eggs, breakfast has moved from just being a morning thing to being something that can inhabit dinner time as well. You don’t just have breakfast or brunch to eat your favorite breakfast foods anymore.

There are some restaurants that serve breakfast all day, which makes them a popular destination for many people. You can also get breakfast and brunch catered with breakfast food options. If you want to start enjoying breakfast at all hours of the day in your own home, here are some fun ways to do it.

Make Breakfast Sandwiches

You can have a dinner meal made with breakfast foods that put any night meal to shame. Make some waffles to use as your breading, or opt for some bagels if you want a heavier meal. You can toss breakfast essentials into them, or you can use something else. Breakfast for dinner can be a combination of both breakfast and dinner foods, or simply a repeat of breakfast.

Use a bagel as a bun for your burger, or make breakfast sausage into a burger with all the normal burger fixings. Or you could do a burger but only use breakfast additives, like hollandaise sauce.

Try Wraps

You could make pancakes or crepes and use them to make dinner wraps if you want something lighter than a sandwich. There are all kinds of items you could use in these, from fresh shredded chicken to sausage. Maybe even make a wrap using steak with your pancakes (why not, they have steak and eggs for breakfast).

Wraps are a great lunch and dinner snack, so combining them with dinner foods can make for a pretty creative meal. Try dipping your crepe wrap sandwich is a hollandaise sauce or even in some syrup.

Add An Egg To It

If you want to go simple, but add something from breakfast to make dinner fun, just put an egg on it. Eggs aren’t strictly a breakfast food. Put one on your sandwich or your burger, put some in your salad, or just have some egg on the side (deviled eggs are delicious and you can do a ton with them).

Eggs are very versatile, and they are good for you. Next time you eat out, take a look at the menu and see how many places you find eggs where you may not have thought of having them, like in rice dishes.

Get experimental with your food. Try something new. Have a burger for breakfast and eat pancakes for dinner. The only rules to your meal preparation are that you make what you want to make!