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Upgrade Your Dinners With These Amazing Vape Juice Pairings

Vape pens and E cigarettes are a delicious substitute of cigarettes and it is more eco and health friendly as compared with conventional smoking.  Click here for more information.  The variety of flavors which you can find in vape is absolutely delicious and stunning. It ranges from your favorite desserts to your favorite spices such as cinnamon. Holidays are coming and family dinners are an important part of holidays and these dinners are something for which we wait the whole year. These family gatherings and dinners are so warming in chilling snowy winters that they are absolutely worth waiting for the whole year. It doesn’t matter if you are going to a family dinner or if you are hosting one, you want to make it perfect and a remember able one. We have some great vape juice pairings list which will surely increase the warmth of your holiday dinner and make it worth a while. 

Check these pairings out and enjoy your winters fully. Here you go:

Apple Pie:

Your holiday dinners will get a lot better with this apple pie flavor paired with your dinner as their aroma gives the perfect holiday vibe. You feel the fruity sweet taste on your very first inhale and that’s where the magic begins because who doesn’t want a “vape desert” after dinner.

Black Berry Crumble:

If you love black berries then this one is made for you. You’ll get a perfect black berry jam flavor but remember the quality of flavor highly depends upon the company you are using. So choose the best company in town and enter into the black berry heaven after eating that heart full dinner.

Sun Tan Mango:

This is not you regular/typical mango flavor. It is paired with a seasonal mango which is gives it the ultimate characteristic flavor and it surely will light up your dinner.

Strawberry Bikini:

This is the fact that strawberry is used a lot in vape flavors and the reason behind is that you can nerver hate strawberry, like never. The good news for all the strawberry lovers is that strawberry bikini is the unique blend of strawberry, menthol and lemonade. Isn’t is perfect for your after meal dinner smoke?

Flip Flop Lychee:

This is pure tropical treat or should I say a tropical tour in this bone chilling winter. Finish your dinner with an Asian vibe and remember your dinner as unique etheric blend of flavors.

Orange/lemon Tart:

You want to finish your dinner with a perfect touch of desert and you don’t feel like eating anything more because you are already full with that delicious dinner you just had. What will you do? You’ll obviously love to have a vape session with either lemon or orange tart flavor because it will make the perfect pair with your dinner.

Do try these combinations this holiday season at dinners with your friends and family and make your after meal vape sessions unforgettable because holidays fun is something which should not be compromised.

Happy Holidays in Advance peeps.