Thanks to this website and my food blog, I have gathered many different recipes from all across the world. It’s simply fantastic how each culture possesses its very own way of preparing and sharing food. Between my grandmother’s traditional Polish recipes, and all the recipes I have collected and tried I could feasibly cook a different dish each day for the rest of my life.

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Through my Masterchef victory, my food blog, and my TV appearances, I have had many people contact me. Apart from cooking and eating food, I also love talking about food. Therefore, I very much welcome any enquiry, particularly in relation to the following:

  • Recipes: Please send me your very best recipe and I will try it out and publish it on my website. If you would like to receive one of my recipes, please indicate what type of dish you would like to prepare, what the occasion is, as well as your ethnic preferences in relation to the food.
  • Food Blogging: Please tell me about your food blog so that I can see how you are building a successful blogging career. Those wishing to start their very own food blog can get in touch to get some valuable tips and advice.
  • Food Forum: This website is also a discussion forum, providing food lovers with an online space to discuss recipes and food sources. On occasion, we also discuss nutrition, the food industry and world food supplies.
  • Food Events: Promoters of food events worldwide may forward me all the details, so that I can introduce and promote your event to all my readers.
  • Food Businesses: Food suppliers, kitchen appliance suppliers, restaurants, chefs and all others involved in the food industry may also contact me and tell me about their work. I love discovering new food companies and have still so much to learn.
  • Media Enquiries: Members of the media wishing to feature me in one of their programs can contact me here to arrange a meeting.
  • Ebook: If you would like to receive a copy of my ebook “Your Kitchen ABC”, please drop me a line and I will forward your copy immediately.
  • Mageirocophobia: You may not have heard the official term for the fear of cooking yet, but you may still be one of the people who either hate cooking or are afraid of cooking for others. If you are, please get in touch. I have managed to instil a passion for cooking in even the most hardened individuals. Cooking isn’t easy for everyone, however, with a bit of encouragement, everyone can learn to follow a recipe and succeed.
  • Other Enquiries: You may also contact me in relation to other food matters, I’m always glad to reply.

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The food lover’s community is growing rapidly. We are all sharing food, and teaching each other the art of food preparation. Everytime I receive an enquiry, I end up with a new recipe, a new eclectic food combination or an entire new set of skill I never even knew existed. The abundance and wealth of food and cooking traditions worldwide is amazing, let’s hear your food story too.